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The Making of a Dress
After the concept takes on concrete forms on the drawing table, the fabrics are selected. Then the fabrics are generously draped onto mannequins and pegged precisely. Each piece of our collection evolves this way. Sketch by sketch, stitch by stitch and seam by seam. We not only have a wide selection of high-quality pearls, buttons and fabrics but also endless possibilities to implement them when creating the dresses. Love and attention to detail means sensibility and stylistic sense...

Behind the Scenes

Anna Ugryumova – Designer of Felicita:

In our new collection I work with style elements, which leave the dress simple yet unique - kind of ‘laissez-faire‘ with splendour. Moreover, silk is dominating the dresses. Hence, it is possible that a dress is not only exquisite and noble but comfortable too. For me a strong motivation is to create sophisticated fashion for the sophisticated women. A self-confident woman does not make compromises when choosing a partner. Hence, she does not when choosing her wedding dress. Every bride has her very own dress... and every dress has its bride... I wish that she finds that very dress at Felicita.

One can see beauty in many things and ways. But the way one sees a bride is crucial. Beauty is not perfection. Beauty is the sum of many details. Primarily it is harmony with some provocative change in style... which creates a fascinating charisma. What makes a bride beautiful? Surely not the external perfection, but her special aura and endless happiness she feels. This fascinating and magic charisma I'd love to see at my clients. My job it is to recognise such an aura and to focus on it while making the dress. I try to catch the happiness and charisma of each bride and communicate it through her dress. The angle from which we see a bride's beauty decides everything. And her beauty is absolute: authentic, harmonic and very emotional.

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