Trends by Felicita Design

Like the Wind

Flowing silk underlines the femininity. Delicated silhouettes take the breath.

Folklore Look

Inspired by nature. Like a little girl sitting in the gras and waeving braids with flowers. This childhood memory comes back as a cool fashion statement.

Pretty Pastell

Feminin and rich of facets. Colors of rose, creme, light beige or nude: restrained powder colors are super trendy.

Boho Look

Sophisticated accessoires like bracelets, fancy ribbons of delicate lace with feahthers match perfectly the Bohemian-Look.

Long Sleeves Dresses

Long sleeves dresses are trendy. Why not feel like beeing Grace Kelly?

Thousand and One Nights dreams

The brides aura: feminin with a breeze of drama and glamour. Elfish, fragile but strong: dresses like from Thousand and One Nights. Rich of poetry and prettiness.

Bride and the City

Here slim silhouettes and rather eccentric designs dominate the Bride and the City Look. Important: Your personal touch. Experiment with a combination of classic and modern, discreet and bright colours, fancy accessories such as fascinators or birdcage... And very important: don't forget the elegant clutch-handbag matching the dress.

Hippie Style

Playful influences from the past are easily visible in the Bohemia style of the 70s. Floating silhouettes, breezy chiffon, crepe georgette and organza, ‘spiced up‘ with floral details made of silk flowers and rather delicate lace. The hippie-style is relived in today's fashion - magic flower power is in the air. Dreamy floral pattern are conjured onto silk dresses.

Delicate silk chiffon gives a touch of glamour and a Bohemia feeling to the wedding dresses. The casual Gipsy-look is ‘spiced up‘ with various artful accessories: boleros made of delicate lace, colourful belts with fringe-look, bracelets made of silk flowers and an absolute eye-catcher to finish: a lovely flower in her hair or as bandeau made from delicate lace with feathers.

Black & White

Black & White Look from Felicita. What do you say to our black & white wedding dresses? Is it a trend or an expression of individual characters?

Nude Look

Why always getting married in white when you can have so many beautiful coloured wedding dresses? Even wedding dresses are not timeless but they vary with fashion trends. The new season's wedding dresses with vintage colours are a hit. Artful and elaborate, luxurious to the last detail - in a delicate nude-tone.

Nude-tones are reaching from wool-white, light rose towards gold. Nude-tones fit practically all skin-types and hair colours. You'll stun all your wedding guests. THE next season's trend: accessories in nude-tones combined with ivory coloured wedding dresses

Royal Look

Long time forgotten classics: bolero and veil of lace. After Kate's wedding lace boleros are very much in demand. Why should one not try to combine the royal accessories with something modern? For instance with a light, flowing, tight fitted silk chiffon dress... and a bolero. This creates not only a classy look but is also suitable for a church wedding. A veil with a noble lace border gives an aristocratic and ceremonious look. From now on at Felicita: different designs of long veils with lace and delicate lace boleros.

Dress on Photo: Assonna (chiffon, 100% silk), collection 2012.

Swan Lake

Inspired by the lightness of the ballet is the Swan Lake look. Light as a feather and extremely delicate, breath-taking wedding dresses.

On the photo: dress Alda, Pelisa, Noelle, Ausenda.

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